Greene County
Historical Society

Railroad Display Committee - Modelers
This layout is the fruition of 10 years of work by the Railroad Display Committee, an independent group of about 25 members within the Greene County Historical Society. Members of the committee meet every Thursday night to work on the layout. These carefully organized work sessions have resulted in a delightful cross-section of rail activity in the Xenia area between the 1920's and the 1950's. This broad period was chosen to enable them to depict both the street car system and the steam and first-generation diesels of the transition years.

The HO layout is designed in an "L" shape measuring 21 ft. by 20 ft., with over 400 ft. of track. It has 7 separate operating systems done in a simple wiring system. The electrical system, consisting of over 3 1/4 miles of wire and a control panel with nearly 900 wires going in and out of the panel, has provisions to be converted to DCC with virtually no changes.


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