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Back to Top... The New England Berkshire & Western of the Renesselaer Model Railroad Society #1NEB&WDKeller
 Franklin & Soutd Manchester of George SelliosGeorge SelliosDKeller
 Model Railroads of Dean Freytag and C.J. RileyFreytag/RileyDKeller
 Utah Midland of Al LindophAl LindophDKeller
 Don Cassler's B&O M&K DivisionDon CasslerDKeller
 Hoosac Valley Railroad of Dick ElwellDick ElwelDKeller
 Indian Creek Railroad of Harry ClarkHarry ClarkDKeller
 Granite Mountain Railway of Doug Geiger Doug GeigerDKeller
 L&N Henderson Subdivision of Rick Rideout Rick RideoutDKeller
 N scale Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne ReidBill & Wayne ReidDKeller
 Virginian & Ohio of W. Allen McClellanW. Allen McClellanDKeller
 Western Maryland Piedmont Division of Howard ZaneHoward ZaneDKeller
 Stoney Creen & Western of Gil FreytagGil FretagDKeller
 Allegheny Midland Railroad of Tony KoesterTony KoesterDKeller
 The Yosemite Valley of Jack BurgessJack BurgessDKeller
 Tuolumne Forks Railroad of Bob BrownBob BrownDKeller
 Cat Mountain & Santa Fe of David BarrowDavid BarrowDKeller
 Erie Railroad of Harold WerthweinHarold WertdweinDKeller
 Bill Henderson's Coal Belt RailroadBill HendersonDKeller
 Norm Stenzel's Brandywine & Benedictine RailroadNorm StenzelDKeller
 Five Model Railroads of Ron KuykendallRon KuykendallDKeller
 Three Narrow Gauge Layouts of Roger RussellRoger RussellDKeller
 West Hoosic Division of Lou SassiLou SassiDKeller
 Part 2, Franklin & South Manchester of George SelliosGeorge SelliosDKeller
 The New England Berkshire & Western of the Renesselaer Model RR Soc.NEB&WDKeller
 Carabasset & Dead River of Bob HaydenBob HaydenDKeller
 Utah Colorado Western of Lee NicholasLee NicholasDKeller
 Canandaigua Southern of John ArmstrongJohn ArmstrongDKeller
 Argentine Division of the Santa Fe Railway of Chuck HitchcockChuck HitchcockDKeller
 Hooch Junction Railroad or Monroe StewartMonroe StewartDKeller
 "Grosser's Nostalgia Trip" by Ray and Renee GrosserRay & Renee GrosserDKeller
 The Model Railroad Club of Union New Jersey DKeller
 Denver, Front Range & Western of Doug Tagsold Doug TagsoldDKeller
 Missouri, Kansas & Quincy of Gary HooverGary HooverDKeller
 Santa Cruz Nothern of Jim ProvidenzaJim ProvidenzaDKeller
 Union Pacific Cheyenne Division - John GrayJohn GrayDKeller
 The Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum DKeller
 Bluff City Southern of Allen KellerAllen KellerDKeller
 Franklin & Soutd Manchester of George Sellios, Part 3George SelliosDKeller
 New York, New Haven and Hartford of Bill AldrichBill AldrichDKeller
 Florida East Coast of Cal WinterCal WinterVKeller
 Burlington Nortdern Santa Fe of Bruce CarpenterBruce CarpenterDKeller
 New York New Haven & Hartford of John Pryke John PrykeDKeller
 Piedmont Division of Howard Zane, Part 2Howard ZaneDKeller
 Southern Railway of Bob LawsonBob LawsonDKeller
 Boston & Maine New Hampshire Division of Paul DolkosPaul DolkosDKeller
 Lance Mindheim's Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville (Monon)Lance MindheimDKeller
 Ed Lorence's, Baltimore and OhioEd LorenceDKeller
 Stephen & Cinthia Priest Emporia Subdivision of the Santa FeStephen & Cinthia PriestDKeller
 Chuck Hitchcock's Argentine Industrial District RailwayChuck HitchcockDKeller
 Ken McCorry's Conrail Five decks and 25 scale milesKen McCorryDKeller
 Chuck Ellis' Great Nortdwestern & PacificChuck EllisDKeller
 Matt Snell & Debbie Baker's Conrail New Jersey DivisionMatt SnellDKeller
 Gary Hoover's ATSF in Aug 1951Gary HooverDKeller
 Jerry Macri's Pennsylvania RailroadJerry MacriDKeller
 Cliff Power's Mississippi, Alabama & GulfCliff PowersDKeller
 Jim Hertzog's ReadingJim HertzogDKeller
 Howard Zane's PiermontHoward ZaneDKeller
 Allen Keller's Bluff City Southern, Part 2Allen KellerDKeller
 Al McClelland's - Virginian & OhioW. Allen McClellanDKeller
 Rochester Model Railroad Club's Seneca Valley Lines DKeller
 Greeley Freight Station Museum, Part 1 DKeller
 Greeley Freight Station Museum, Part 2 DKeller
 David Holl's Penn ValleyDavid HollDKeller
 Great Model Railroads - Fallen Flags Remembered DKeller
 Great Model Railroads - Scenery Tips Part 3, Trees DKeller
Back to Top... Airbrushing for Model Railroaders VScale Rails 
 Building a Model Railroad #01: Designing DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #02: Benchwork 1  DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #03: Benchwork 2  DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #04: Laying Track DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #05: Wiring for Command Control DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #06: Building Structures DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #07: Rolling Stock DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #08: Scenery DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #09: Adding Realism DGreen Frog
 Building a Model Railroad #10: Operating the Apple Valley RR DEGreen Frog
 Div 3 Clinic: Building Grain Elevators - Dean Freytag DDivision 3
 Div 3 Clinic: Introduction to Model Railroading DDivision 3
 Div 3 Clinic: Scenery From Start to Finish - Fred Schneider VDivision 3
 Div 3: NMRA Rails Alive "75" - Tours DDivision 3
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 1 - Layouts, Modeling Tips and Prototype RRs DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 2  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 3  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 4 DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 5  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 6  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 7  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 8 DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 9  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 10  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 11  DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Big Power DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Change in the Tehachapi's DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Doug Tagsold's D&RGW Silverton Branch DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, F Units in Action DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Horseshoe Curve DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build Vol 1 - Layouts, Modeling Tips and Prototype RRs DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Layout, Tips and Prototype Special Ed DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, NS Pocahontas Div DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Painting Backdrops DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Railroads and Steel DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Realistic Railroad Operations DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Rochelle Illinois RR Park DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Sights & Sounds of Sand Patch DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, UP Over Sherman Hill DKalmbach
 Dream-Plan-Build, Winter on Kicking DKalmbach
 Easy Weatdering Techniques -- David Frary & Bob Hayden DTrackside Modeler
 Finishing Your Scenery -- David Frary DTrackside Modeler
 Model Railroad Operations, Vol 1 - Interchange D 
 MR Basics of Model Railroad Wiring, the DKalmbach
 MR Basics of Model Railroading, the DDKalmbach
 MR Building Reliable Model Railroad Track DKalmbach
 MR Building Scenery Witd tde Experts DKalmbach
 MR Building Wood Structures DKalmbach
 MR Video Layout Tour #1 VKalmbach
 MR Video Layout Tour #2 VKalmbach
 MR Video Layout Tour #3 DKalmbach
 MR Video Layout Tour #4 DKalmbach
 Rocks & Basic Scenery Made Easy - David Frary DTrackside Modeler
 S & P Railroad Early Years, the VUnk
 San Diego Model Railroad Museum VPentrex
 San Jose NRHS Convention VVideo Rails
 Styrene the Ideas, Tips & Techniques of Dean Freytag DGreen Frog
 Tracks Ahead Volume 1 (2 Tapes) VPentrex
 Tracks Ahead Volume 2 (2 Tapes) VPentrex
 Tracks Ahead Volume 3 (2 Tapes) VPentrex
 Tracks Ahead Volume 4 (2 Tapes) VPentrex
 Tracks Ahead Vol 5 VPentrex
 Tracks Ahead Volume 6 (2 Tapes) VPentrex
 Virginian & Ohio Afton Division FinaleV&ODPentrex
 American Traditions - Vol 2, tde Gold Spike Vtde Entertainment Group
 General, The VVideo Classics
 There Goes A TrainChildrenVKid Vision
Back to Top... Those Incredible ALCOs, Vol 1  Pentrex 
 Those Incredible ALCOs, Vol 2 Pentrex 
 Those Incredible ALCOs, Vol 3 Pentrex 
Back to Top... A Great Railroad at WorkNH (Missing)V 
 Amtrak Across America - 25td AnniversaryAmtrakDPentrex
 Around tde Curve & Over the Hill (Horseshoe) Conrail Era - 1988ConrailDNeff
 Articulateds In Appalachia DSunday River Productions
 Atlanta Steam Celebration VPentrex
 B&O Odyssey Vol 1B&OVPentrex
 B&O Odyssey, Vol 2B&OVPentrex
 Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad VBerkshire Productions
 C&O 614T - the March to Hinton (Coal Tests)C&OVVideo Rails
 Cass Scenic RailwayCassVPentrex
 Chesapeake & Ohio 2765C&OVPentrex
 Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Locos VJMJ Productions
 Chessie System, 2 DVD set DRailhead
 Cincinnati 611 - N&W "J" at its BestN&W VGreg Scholl Video
 Clinchfield RR Fan Trip with #1, April 26, 1975 ClinchfieldDAce Flock
 Columbus, Delaware, & Marion (C.D.&M.) and Steam in the 50s D 
 Conrail's Horseshoe CurveConrailVPentrex
 Conrail Hot Shots Vol 1ConrailVRR Video Prod
 Conrail Lakeshore Line Part 1ConrailVNEFF Video
 Conrail's Lake Shore Line, Part 2ConrailVNeff
 CSX Mountain Sub (Two-Tape Set)CSXDPentrex
 From A to Shay VRevelation Audio-Visual
 From A To ShayN&W, BC&GDRevelation Audio-Visuals
 Great Smokey Mountain RR, A Living History of (2-Tape Set) D 
 Horseshoe 150! (3 Tape Set)PRR DRevelation
 Horseshoe Curve and Sand Patch Grade (2-Tape Set)PRR DPentrex
 Huntington '91-Official 1991 NRHS Convention VideoN&W, Nickel Plate, PMVBerkshire Productions
 Indiana & Ohio RailroadIORDNeff
 Into the Allegheny Range Vol I - Hancodk, WV to Cumberland, MD (2 tape set)CSXVIron Horse America
 Into the Allegheny Range Vol II - CumberlandCSXVIron Horse America
 Into the Allegheny Range, Vol III, Cumberland to GraftonCSX, B&OVPentrex
 Longest Day in Fostoria (2-Tape Set)CSX, NS DJ&O
 Marion, the Train Watching Capital of Ohio (Conrail era)ConrailVGreen Frog
 Mountain Thunder Western Maryland #734WMVBlue Ridge Prod.
 Niagra's Last Stand NYC, B&OVHerron Rail Video
 NKP 587 Lives! - at the Monticello Railway MuseumNKPV 
 Northeast SamplerVariousDPentrex 
 Norfolk & Western (3-Tape Set)N&W DSunday River
 NYC - An Insider's ViewNYCVPentrex
 NYC Series - NYC Produced Hudson FilmsNYCDNF Video
 Ohio Central RailroadOCRDBerkshire Productions
 Ohio Hot Spots Part 1Conrail, NS, GTW, CSXVNEFF Video
 Operation Fast FreightN&WVPentrex
 Penn Central Vol 1 - Emery Gulash (Two tape set)PCVGreen Frog
 Penn Central Vol 2 - Emery Gulash PCVGreen Frog
 Pittsburg Line Blues, Fairwell to ConrailConrailVPentrex
 Pittsburgh Mainlines - Heavy RR Action VPentrex
 Progress on Rails/Wheels of Steel/Clear Track AheadPRRV 
 PRR of Emery Gulash, thePRRVGreen Frog
 PRR, 125 Years of the, The Standard Railroad of the WorldPRRVPremier Rail Video
 PRR, Memories of Pennsy SteamPRRVMarkIVideo
 PRR, Middle Division - Rockville to Horseshoe Curve, Vol 4PRRVPenn Valley Pictures
 PRR, Panhandle Vol II - Newark to Pittsburgh (PC,Conrail),thePRR PC CRVClear Block Productions
 PRR, Panhandle Vol III - Buckeye to Pitcairn (PC,Conrail), thePRR PC CRVClear Block Productions
 PRR, Steam & Diesel on tde, Vol 1, Altoona Area 1955-1976PRRVHerron Rail
 PRR, Steam & Diesel on tde, Vol 2, Ohio Lines 1955-1968PRRV 
 PRR, Susquehanna Division, Vol 5PRRVPenn Valley Pictures
 Rat Hole (NS), theNSVPentrex
 Reflections of the L&N, 1940's - 1970'sL&NDBerko RR Video
 Sand Patch 2-Tape Set)B&O DBlue Ridge
 The Steam LocomotiveNYCV 
 Shays, Lumbering & MoreEBT, CASSVJMJ Productions
 Steam on Horseshoe Curve, Parts 1&2PRRVSunday River
 Steam on the Powhatan Arrow VSunday River
 Sunrise Sunset Vol 3 - A Day Along Triple Track Main - CincinnatiCincinnatiVPentrex
 Sunset Transcon - AmtrakAmtrakVRevelation
 Through the Rat Hole, Cab Ride (NS)NSVPentrex
 Uniion Pacific's Clinchfield ChallengeUP, CRRDPentrex
 Whistle Over the Mountain (18 DVD Set)Smokies DBill Hooks
Back to Top... 2102 - The American Northern VBerkshire Productions
 All Aboard the Potomac Eagle DGregg Scholl
 America by Rail, Vol I - the Heartland DGregg Scholl
 America's Articulateds, the Challenger & tde A VGoodheart
 Boone & Scenic Valley RailroadBoone&Scenic ValleyV 
 Branson Scenic Railway VKaw Valley Films
 Burlington Northern E-8 DieselsBNVWalter Berko
 Dayton's Bluff (St Paul Minnesota)BNSF, CPVVision Productions
 Great Train Story, the - Chicago Museum of Science & Industry DTM Books
 Great Trains of the West - Riding the Rails of the Texas State RailroadT&PVSimitar Entertainment
 Illinois Junction D 
 Illinois Junction 2 D 
 Illinois Railway Museum VRailway Productions
 Life Begins at 40 (Nickel Plate #765)Nickel PlateVHopewell Productions
 Nickel Plate SummerNickel PlateVBerkshire Video
 Ohio Steam Spectacular2DGregg Scholl
 Ozark Country Cab Ride - BNSF VPentrex
 Rails to the Twin Ports VPentrex
 Runnin' That New River TrainNKPVHopewell Productions
 Steam to ChicagoUP, N&W, Nickel Plate,SouthernVPentrex
 St Louis, Classic Railroading - Fallen Flag Series VPentrex
 Sunrise Sunset Vol 2 - A Day at Rochelle, IL VPentrex
 Today's Chicago Railroads -1991 VPentrex
 The Chicago Odyssey, Vol 1 - Railroading in Chicago 50s & 60sATSF, CB&Q. NP, GN, C&WI, Milw, RI, Notdshore, GTW, GM&O, IC, Monon, N&W, C&EI, C&OVGreen Frog
 The Chicago Odyssey, Vol 2 - Railroading in Chicago 60s & 70sAmtrak, MILW, CB&Q,ATSF, PC, GM&O, GTW, GN/NP, BN, IC, CNW, SOO, EJ&E, IHB, RI, C&EIVGreen Frog
 Chicago, Classic Railroading - Fallen Flag SeriesChicagoVPentrex
 Chicago's Hot Spots - 1989ChicagoVNeff
 Conrail Hot Spots WestConrailVPentrex
 Hot Rails tdrough the Twin Cities VPentrex
 Santa Fe Combo; Across the Heartland & Countdown To Meyer DPentrex
 St Louis & Santa Fe Diesels ComboSanta FeDPentrex
 Trains Along the Upper Mississippi Vol 1CPVPentrex
 Trains Along the Upper Mississippi Vol 2BNSFVPentrex
Back to Top... 177 Days VPentrex
 44 Years of 8444UPVVideo Rails
 8444 Rides AgainUP VVideo Rails
 Above Southern California RailsBNSFDPentrex
 Above Southern California Rails in combo with Above 3751 Over CajonBNSFDPentrex
 Alaska Vol 1, Summer on the Alaska RR DPentrex
 Alaska Vol 2, Seward & Whitter Subdivisions DPentrex
 Alaska Vol 3, Winter on the Alaska RR DPentrex
 America By Rail, The West Coast2DGregg Scholl
 America's Historic Steam Railroads - Georgetown Loop VGoldHill
 America's Historic Steam Railroads Vols 1 & 2 (2 tape set) VGoldHill
 American Train Journeys Vol 3; The Empire Builder & The Chama Turn DColumbia
 At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 1; The San Bernardino Subdivision, Los Angeles to San BernardinoBNSF DPentrex
 At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 2; The Cajon Subdivision, Devore to BarstowBNSF DPentrex
 At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 3; Train MeetsBNSF DPentrex
 At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 4; The Alameda CorridorBNSF DPentrex
 At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 5; The Surf LineBNSF DPentrex
 At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 6; A Railroader's Perspective (BNSF)BNSF DPentrex
 Battle For Donner Pass, the (Part of combo with "Across Donner Summit" which is new)WPDVideo Rails
 Beaumont Hill ComboSP DPentrex
 The Blue Mountains-LaGrande to Huntington , Vol 1UPVVideo Rails
 Blue Mountains - La Grande to Kinkle V II, the VVideo Rails
 Blue Mountains - Winter in the Blues Vol III, the VVideo Rails
 Cab Ride Through the Rockies, Moffet Tunnel to Bond Tape #2AMTRAKVScholl Video and Railway Productions
 Cajon II Combo (Railroading in the 90's & Cajon Pass Cab Ride) DPentrex
 Cajon Pass, A Couple Days at  D 
 Cajon Pass VVideo Rails
 Cajon Pass - Tehachapi LoopSPVPentrex
 Cajon Pass (Trains Magizine) VTrains Magazine
 California ZephyrCB&Q, DRGW, WPVVideo Rails
 California Western RailroadCWRDPentrex
 Cascade Crossing VTrains Magazine
 Colorado's Narrow Guage RailroadsD&RGW, D&SVFinley-Holiday
 Daylight, Cab Forward, and Early Diesels - SP Fiom Archives Vol 1SPVPentrex
 D&RGW Narrow Gauge Stock Train & Kolor KaravanD&RGWVWB Productions
 Div 3 Clinic: Western U.S. Slides - Mike BrestelClinicDDivision 3
 Double Heading on Sherman VSunday River
 Double Stacks Over TahachapiBNSF/ATSFV 
 Frisco 1522FriscoVPentrex
 Geared Triple-HeaderMt RanierVValhala video
 Georgetown Loop Railroad V 
 The Great Alaska Train Adventure ARRVAcorn Media
 Great Nortdern ComboGN DPentrex
 Great Northern Railway DPentrex
 A History of the Alaska RailroadARRVPBS- KAKM
 Imperial Valley Sugar Beet TrainsSPDPentrex
 Last of the Giants/Big Trains RollingUPV 
 Last of the Giants - UP Big Boy`UPVPentrex
 Last of the Giants - Vol 2 - Cheyenne ShopsUPVPentrex
 Last of the Giants - Vol 3 - Sherman HillUPVPentrex
 Last Run of Cab Forward Over Donner Pass DPentrex
 Mariners in Hard HatsSPVPentrex
 Monster Steam, 4 DVD set DTopics
 Mulan Pass, The Monsters and More DPentrex
 Powder River ComboUP/BNSF DPentrex
 Rails Across the Summit VWB Productions
 Riding the Rails on America's Most Beautiful Steam EngineSP 4449VSkyfire
 Riding the Rails - SP DaylightSPVSky Fire
 Rio Grande Work Train '81DRGWVVideo Rails
 Sacramento Rail Fair 1991 VPentrex
 Sacramento Steam Showcase VBerkshire Productions
 Santa Fe Into L.A.Santa FeDPentrex
 Santa Fe's New Mexico Mainline, Volumes 1 & 2, single DVDSanta FeDPentrex
 Santa Fe Desert Tour Needles SubdivisionSanta FeVCharles Smiley
 Southern Pacific - 1941, Classic Collector's Series, Vol 1SPVVideo Rails
 Southern Pacific 4274 Last Run of a Cab Forward Over Donner PassSPVVideo Rails
 Southern Pacific Daylight 4449SPVVideo Rails
 Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 - New Orleans World's Fair, Hollywood, & moreSPVPentrex
 Southern Pacific Double Feature (ICTF-LA, West Colton Yard)SPVVideo Rails
 Southern Pacific, Smithsonian Series Vol IISPVVideo Rails
 Southern Pacific, the Coast Line, Classic Collectors's Series, Vol VSPVVideo Rails
 Southern Pacific's Shasta DivisionSPVPentrex
 SP's Central California MainlineSPDPentrex
 SP's Geeps and CadillacsSPDPentrex
 Steam Over Fullerton D 
 Steam Over Tennessee PassUP(DRGW)VPentrex
 Steam To Los Angeles - UP 8444 - SP 4449UP, SPVPentrex
 Steam to the Grand CanyonATSFVPentrex
 Stormy - SP's Lordsburg District,TheSPDPentrex
 Sunrise Sunset 4, A Day at Fullerton, CA DPentrex
 Surf line Steam DPentrex
 Take a Ride with Video Rails - UP Steam '81UPVVideo Rails
 Take a Ride with Video Rails - UP Steam Express 3985 ChallengerUPVVideo Rails
 Tantalizing Tehachapi, 2 DVD setSP, UPD 
 Tehachapi, The Ultimate, 2 DVD set DPentrex
 Tehachapi LoopATSFVVideo Rails
 Tehachapi!ATSFVTrains Magazine
 This is My RailroadSPV 
 Thunder on the RailsV&T, NevNorthVMNTEX
 Today's Northwestern Pacific DPentrex
 Tough Times On The SPSPDPentrex
 Train Meets, Double The ActionSP, SF, BN, DPentrex
 Triple Track CajonBNSFDPentrex
 Union Pacific Big Boys, Classic Collector's Series, Vol IIUPVVideo Rails
 Union Pacific Steam '81 (Video Rails)UPVPentrex
 Union Pacific's Clinchfield ChallengeUP & ClinchfieldDPentrex
 Union Pacific - 3985 ChallengerUPDRailways Productions
 Union Pacific Steam Express - 3985 ChallengerUPDVideo Rails/Pentrex
 Union Pacific Steam, Classic Collectors's Series, Vol VIUPVVideo Rails
 Union Pacific, Smithsonian Series Vol IUPVVideo Rails
 Union Pacific TrilogyUPVPentrex
 Union Pacific's Elegant - E9sUPVPentrex
 UP 6900s DPentrex
 White Pass & Yukon Route DSkydiver Films
 Workin' on the Sante FeSFDPentrex
 Workin' on the Union PacificUPVPentrex
Back to Top... Adventures Across Time/The English Riviera/Fine Lines V 
 Birthplace of Preservation/Wild, Wild Wales/Proud and Preserved V 
 BCRail Cabride from Sea to SkyBCRVPentrex
 British Columbia Rail Series/Dayliner One and Snow TrainBCRVPentrex
 British Steam Rare Archive footageEnglandDDelta
 Canada By Rail, 4 DVD set DTopics
 Canada's Canyon RouteCanadaVGregg Scholl
 England's Historic Midlands/Throgh the Dales/The Conquering Rails V 
 Great Canadian Train RideCPVDoug Jones Travellog
 Great Train Journeys of AustraliaIndian PacificVAcorn Media
  Heading South/Tracks to Moors/In the Beginning V 
 Irish RailwayJourney VAcorn Media
 Last Train Across CanadaCanadaVAtlas Video
 Mainline to the Matterhorn/Rails Over Rigi/Land of Alpine Adventure V 
 Over the Top/Power to the Peaks/Trains, Mains, and Automobiles V 
 Quebec's Ore Lines Vol 1 DPentrex
 Quebec's Ore Lines Vol 2 DPentrex
 Railroad Journeys Around the World - China VQuestar
 Railway Adventures Across Europe (7 Tapes) V 
 Swiss Rail Journeys #3 - tde Gruyere RailwaySwissVAcorn Media
 Swiss Rail Journeys Part #5SwissDDD Copy
 Swiss Rail Journeys Parts #1 & 2SwissDDD Copy
 Swiss Rail Journeys Parts #3 & 4SwissDDD Copy
 Train Ride, Canada (World's Greatest)CanadaVPublisher's Choice
 Train Ride, England (World's Greatest)EnglandVPublisher's Choice
 Train Ride, Great Canadian tdeCanadaVDoug Jones
 Train Ride, Trans - Siberia (World's Greatest)RussiaVPublisher's Choice
 Trans-Siberian Railroad, The, Red ExpressRussiaVABC Video
 The William Tell Express/Cogging the Alps/Ice Station-Europe's Highest Railway V 
 World Steam Classics Vol 1&2 (Set) VGS&A
 World's Greatest Train Ride Videos - Scotland and Wales VPublihers Choice Video
 World's Greatest Train Ride Videos: Canada VPublisher's Choice
Back to Top... Age of Steam Logging VGolden Rail Video
 All Aboard - 150 Years on the Right Track VReaders Digest
 America By Rail, 4 DVD set: Route of the Southwest Chief, Winter Wonderland, Colorado's Scenic Train Rides, All Aboard the Potomac Eagle DTopics
 American Railroad Collection Vol 1 VPentrex
 American Railroad Collection Vol 2 VPentrex
 An Introduction to the Railroad in America/Last of the Giants/225,000 Mile Proving Ground V 
 America's Railroads- the Steam Train Legacy (7 Tape Set) VMarathon
 America's Railroads - The Steam Train Legacy - DVD 1 DTMG
 America's Railroads - The Steam Train Legacy - DVD 2 DTMG
 America's Railroads, Steam Train Legacy II, Vol 1 DMarathon
 America's Railroads, Steam Train Legacy II, Vol 2 DMarathon
 The America's Railroads, the Steam Train Legacy-2nd Edition (7 Tapes) V 
 America's Scenic Rail Journeys; The Canadian Rockies, Copper Canyon, the Adirondack VAcorn Media
 American Steam - Steam in the 50's VMadacy
 American Steam - Steam in the 50's & 60's - A Vanishing Era VMandacy
 American Train Journeys Vol 1; Colorado Steam Mecca & Norfolk Southern DColumbia
 American Train Journeys Vol 2; Florida East Coast Railway & Amtrak's California Zephyr DColumbia
 Amtrak's NE Corridor DPentrex
 B&O's 8000 Mile birthday Party/Big Trains Rolling V 
 Best of 1991 - Pentrex VPentrex
 Best of 1993, The VVideo Rails
 Big PowerDIESEL LOCODTrains Magazine
 February, Freedom, & Flurries (Snow Train) VBerkshire Productions
 First-Generation Diesels: A Search for the Survivors VKalmbach
 Early Steam Trains/the Milwaukee Road/California Zephyr V 
 Extreme Steam, 6 DVD set DPentrex
 Flight of the Century/Science Rides the High Iron V 
 The Golden Age of Steam Trains V 
 Great American Scenic Railroads, 6 DVD set DQuestar
 Great American Circus and Show Trains VPentrex
 Great American Train Rides; Vols 1 & 2 VPentrex
 Greatest Railways, The Age of Steam, 3 DVD set D 
 Great Trains of the West - Steam Engineer; Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad VSimitar entertainment
 Hot Metal Steel MillVPrairie Works
 Lifeline of the Nation/The Freight Train/Snow on the Run V 
 Locomotion, the Amazing World of Trains - Engines of Enterprise; Taming the Iron Monster; the War Machine; Magic Machines & Mobile People VA&E Home Video
 Logging & Coal Collection, 4 DVD set DGreen Frog
 Mainline USA VPentrex
 Marathon of Steam, Vol 1 VRailway Productions
 Marathon of Steam, Vol 2 VRailway Productions
 Operation Fast Freight/Steam Train Wrecks of the 1920s V 
 Pentrex Previews Vol 1 DPentrex
 Pentrex Previews Vol 2 DPentrex
 Pentrex Previews Vol 3 DPentrex
 Preview Tape Vol 3 VPentrex
 Previews Vol 4 VPentrex
 Pentrex Previews - Volume 5 VPentrex
 Powder River Combo DPentrex
 Power Behind the Nation/Clear Signal V 
 Railway Journeys, The Vanishing Age of Steam, 5 DVD set DMadacy
 Railroad Story, The VPentrex
 The Railroad Story/the Baltimore & Ohio PresentsB&OV 
 Railroads of America Collection Vol 2Copied TapeVPentrex
 Railroads - Tracks Across America DMill Creek
 Rochelle-Illinois Hot Spots Part 1BNSF, CNW VBig E Productions
 Rochelle-Illinois Hot Spots Part 2BNSF, CNW VBig E Productions
 Running a Steam Locomotive Vol 1 VPublisher's Choice
 Running a Steam Locomotive Vol 2 VPublisher's Choice
 Running A Steam Locomotive Vol 3 VPublisher's Choice
 Sacremento Steam '99 VPentrex
 Spectacular Train Rides -Railroad Journeys DTopics Entertainment
 Steam Alive VSimitar Entertainment
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 Diesel Era - Vol 5 Num 2, March/April 1994 BookWithers Publishing
 Diesel Era - Vol 6 Num 2, March/April 1995 BookWithers Publishing
 EMD'S SD-45, Plans-Photos-Roster-Variations BookHundman Publishing
 Railroad Prototype Lettering Diagrams 3, 1963, 1969 BookWm. K. Walthers
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 Erie Lackawanna Historical Society - The Diamond, Vol 24, No 4, 2010 BookWhite River Productions
 Model Railroading with John Allen Book 
Back to Top... VV200 Model Railroading: A Family HobbyBen PearlmanDNMRA
 VV202 Model Railroading UnlimitedRick HarperDNMRA
 VV210 All About Trains, Part 13 Visit to NMRA HQBen PearlmanDNMRA
 VV601 Build Your Own TurnoutsGil Freytag, MMRD NMRA
 VV602 Forgotten DetailsTerry BacusDNMRA
 VV603 Modeling a Historic SiteRussell StrawDNMRA
 VV604 Modeling Tips and TricksPete Moffett, MMRDNMRA
 VV606 Prototype Track Layout DesignRussell CrumpDNMRA
 VV608 Styroform SceneryMike HulburtDNMRA
 VV609 Freight Car LoadsRobert A RueDNMRA
 VV702 NMRA Acheivement ProgramPete Moffett,MMRDNMRA
 VV709 Modeling with Common Household MaterialsDick Briggs & Howard Smith, MMR'sDNMRA
 VV710 Painting Backdrops with a Dirty BrushBob GatlandDNMRA
 VV711 Prototype Bridge BuildingLlyod KeyserDNMRA
 VV712 Styrene Construction and CastingRoger ChrystlerDNMRA
 VV713 Right-of-Way DetailsTony SteeleDNMRA
 VV714 Planning for Realistic OperationsRalph Wehlitz, MMRDNMRA
 VV715 History of the 40' BoxcarBill WelchDNMRA
 VV716 Perfect Decals the Easy WayJim WhiteDNMRA
 VVSJ1 Detailing Passenger CarsDr. Joe Nichols Sr, MMRNMRA
 VV801 Advanced Techniques for Laser Kit AssemblyCharlie GetzDNMRA
 VV802 Backdrop Painting Forested SceneryPaul RisingDNMRA
 VV803 Basic Model Railroad PhotographyBill SchaumburgNMRA
 VV804 Building an Advanced Car KitLarry Wolohon, MMRDNMRA
 VV805 Contest JudgingMarty VaughnDNMRA
 VV806 Creating Unique Lineside StructuresRichard NewmillerDNMRA
 VV807 DCC and Advanced OperationsCharles GregoryDNMRA
 VV808 DDC Decoders, Prototypical Lighting, Sound and OperationCharles GregoryDNMRA
 VV809 Foreground Scenery Techniques for all Skill LevelsPaul Scoles, MMRDNMRA
 VV810 Handlaying Track on Foam BoardBill NesbittDNMRA
 VV811 Hints, Tips, Clothespins, Toothpicks and Cheap ToolsJeff MoormanDNMRA
 VV812 Into to JMRI and Decoder ProDave DuchampDNMRA
 VV813 It FiguresKen LiesseDNMRA
 VV814 Kadee Couplers: a TreatisePaul T HobbsD NMRA
 VV815 Large Layouts, Small RoomsDon MitchellD NMRA
 VV816 Model Railroad PhotographyFred LagnoD NMRA
 VV817 Modeling with Design Preservation ModelsFran and Miles Hale, MMRDNMRA
 VV818 Planning your Model Railroad: Prototype VS. FreelanceLarry DeYoungDNMRA
 VV819 Populating Yuor LayoutMarty VaughnDNMRA
 VV820 Quick InteriorsMichael TylickDNMRA
 VV821 Red Brick Factories and Brown BoxcarsGreg JohnsonDNMRA
 VV822 resin Casting For Model RailroadersJohn MarshallDNMRA
 VV823 RTV Mold Making and Resin CastingJoel BragdonDNMRA
 VV824 Scenic SetailingSam SwansonDNMRA
 VV825 Setting the SceneJohn Lawrance, MMRDNMRA
 VV826 Steam Locomotives for DummiesTed CulottaDNMRA
 VV827 Streets, Road and HighwaysAl CarterDNMRA
 VV828The Bar Mills Approach to Diorama BuildingArt FahleDNMRA
 VV829The Joy of Spline RoadbedJohn MarshallDNMRA
 VV830 The Pratice of Density ModelingArt FahieDNMRA
 VV831 Tips and Tricks for Scratchbuilding and KitbashingLeslie Eaton, MMRDNMRA
 VV832 Tools, Tools, ToolsDoug Geiger, MMRDNMRA
 VV833 Trestle BuildingMike BarrettDNMRA
 VV834 Working with FoilJohn Johnson, MMRDNMRA
 VV835 Choosing, Using, Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Airbrush Equipment Part 1 and Part 2 (two set disc, disc 1 missing, 2 copies of disk 2)Ken Schlotfeldt DNMRA
 VV836 Be a Contest WinnerRon Gough, MMRDNMRA
 VV839 Tips and Techniques: Resin Kit AssemblyJack Burgress, MMRDNMRA
 VV840 Using the NMRA Standards Gauge Paul Vaughn, MMR DNMRA
 VV841 Lumber Industries that Fit Model Railroad EmpiresJim ZeekDNMRA
 VV842 Modeling Steam-Powered Saw MillsJim ZeekDNMRA
 VV843 Scratchbuilding and Kitbashing for Pennies Using Everyday Household Materials Part 1Leonard AmrheinDNMRA
 VV844 Scratchbuilding and Kitbashing for Pennies Using Everyday Household Materials Part 2Leonard AmrheinDNMRA
 VV845 Building Resin Freight CarsLarry Wolohon, MMRDNMRA
 VV846 Helix Design Considerations and Building the Behemoth HelixMark BruntonDNMRA
 VV847 Digital Layout Photography Made EasyTim GarnerDNMRA
 VV848 Design and Build a HelixJim HeldtDNMRA
 VV849 Modeling Agricultural RailroadLee RaineyDNMRA
 VV850 Turning Inexpensive Styrene Kits into Front Row Buildings Katharine AlleyD NMRA
 VV851 Unique Features and Use of DCC Specialties ProductsLarry MalerDNMRA
 VV852 Let's Make a SceneLou SassiDNMRA
 VV853 Consider Z ScaleBob MitchellDNMRA
 VV854 GIPX: Realistic Windows and Interiors fpr BuildingJohn RichardsDNMRA
 VV855 Introduction to Prototype ResearchHenry FreemanDNMRA
 VV856 CadRail BasicsDennis VaccaroDNMRA
 VV857 Styrene Scratchbuilding Prototype Freight CarsRichard Newmiller, MMRDNMRA
 VV858 Digital Imaging in Model RailroadingBill Brown, MMRDNMRA
 VV859 Seven Simple StructuresSam SwansonDNMRA
 VV860 Turnout Construction for Appearance and ReliabilityBill AtarasDNMRA
 VV861 Modeling Grade Crossings ScenesBill AtarasDNMRA
 VV862 Modeling from the PrototypeDavid Leider, MMRD NMRA
 VV863 Multi-Deck Model Railroad Design and ConstructionTony KoesterDNMRA
 VV864 Is Model Railroading a Mental DisorderBill Ron MohordinDNMRA
 VV865 CadRail ApplicationsDennis VaccaroDNMRA
 VV866 RailroadingPaul HobbsDNMRA
 VV867 Operations OverviewTony KoesterDNMRA
 VV868 Railroading Merit BadgeJohn NawnDNMRA