The Central Pennsylvania is a N Scale free-lanced transition era (middle 1950"s ) railroad which runs between Scranton, PA (east hidden staging) and Harrisburg, PA (east hidden staging). The layout runs on DC power and is set up for a one person operation that will usually take about 2 hours to complete a day of railroading.

The operations are based on a switchlist (with 13 trains per day) which changes throughout the 5 days of the week, as industries receive and ship products. Most industries stick to a strict routine of emptying inbound shipments in one day and loading outbound shipments with two days in order to not incur demurrage charges.

the railroad occupies a small corner of the family room; an 8x8ft "L" shaped design. Trains are pulled by early GP and RS type engines, along with a few F units. Bridge traffic also runs through the layout. Helper service, branch line servicing and other operational scenarios help break up the normal routine on the railroad. The railroad has four towns along with a yard and 16 industries to service

-- Hans Schmelienkamp--

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