Meeting Info

Meetings are normally held at 2 PM on the third Sunday of the Month. Meeting locations will vary and be announced as soon as available. (No meeting in August.) Visitors and guests are always welcome! Regular meetings consist of a business meeting followed by a clinic or seminar. We work hard to provide you with the best presentations available, often the same clinics found at national and regional conventions. You can miss a lot if you miss a meeting! Also available at our meetings are our video library, a "show-and-tell" table, and, generally, a contest. Availability of these items will vary when a meeting is held at a remote location or special event. Of course, the most important part of the meetings is the opportunity to get together with your fellow modelers. If you have a question or problem, there's an excellent chance that someone in the group will have the solution! In fact, you'll probably get several solutions to chose from!

Upcoming Events and Clinics

Date Event
July 10-16, 2022 Montgomery County Fair. The division will have a booth. 645 Infirmary Rd, Dayton, OH.
July 17, 2022 General Meeting. Auction time, no contest.
August 2022 No Meeting.
August 13, 2022 Training Day. Carillon Park, 1000 Carillon Park Blvd, Dayton ,OH. 9:30 am to 4 pm.
September 18, 2022 General Meeting. Contest is Make it Cheap $1-3-5.
October 16, 2022 General Meeting. Contest is Caboose.
November 5-6, 2022 Dayton Train Show. Fairgrounds & Event Center of Montgomery County. 645 Infirmary Rd, Dayton, OH.
November 20, 2022 General Meeting. Contest is Weathering.
December 18, 2022 General Meeting . Contest is Structures.

The monthly meeting starts at 2 pm. Unless otherwise noted meetings are held at Greene County Historical Society, 74 W Church St, Xenia, OH.

Questions?  Email at or call (937) 424-6413.