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March 14, 2001

& Western

Bob Bartizek - Modeler

Horseshoe Curve


The Pennsylvania & Western is a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad operating in a fictitious area of southern Pennsylvania in the early 1950's. The modeled portion of the line serves five modeled towns, including a small freight/passenger yard and engine terminal at Annville. The layout is O-Gauge 3-rail (or hi-rail), that is, we run 3-rail trains (like the old Lionel, but much more realistic) through scale scenery with close-to-scale track. The layout is designed point-to-point, 3 times around a 28x52 foot room for a mainline length of about 550'. (An O scale mile is 110'.) There is local switching at all towns, with ground throws on turnouts in easy reach and switch machines on the rest. Control is a 4-cab A/C walkaround system designed using All-Trol handheld controllers.
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