Dayton, Duluth
& Western

Bob Fink - Modeler
It is with great regret that we report that Bob Fink's legendary Dayton, Duluth &Western has joined a growing list of local fallen flags. Bob and Marcie are preparing for a move, and the layout had to come down. Friends and fans alike gathered for an open house on Father's Day and the final operating session on June 28, 2000. Most of these photos are from those sessions.
The DD&W was designed to be an operating layout. Rugged mountain scenery dotted with small towns and sidings carry out the theme of a hard-working coal and ore road A walk-around design along with wide aisles allows road engineers to be right beside their trains for about 90% of the run. It also gives spectators a chance to move easily about the line. Heavy electric locomotives work under overhead wire to add to the mountainous atmosphere.


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