Penn Valley

David Holl
The Penn Valley Railroad has evolved over the years from a 16' x 14' layout that appeared in the yearly publication Great Model Railroads 1999 to a layout that is filling an approximate 1600 square foot area in my basement. The PV is a first class bridge route that runs from Allentown, PA to Erie, PA in the 1957 time frame
Highlights include a large waterfront scene at Erie, PA, State College, PA, along with Mount Nittany, very large Pennsylvania type mountains, a large detailed city, four smaller towns, an Army base, and three classification yards. The PV interchanges with the New York Central in Erie, PA, with the Pennsylvania Railroad at East Eiser, PA (near Mount Union, PA) and with the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Allentown, PA.
The layout is completely finished with minor upgrades ongoing. It is dispatcher controlled, powered by the DCC system Digitrax Chief. There are hidden storage yards for both the NYC and the Pennsy railroads. Helper service is used on the 2.5% Mount Nittany grade with a sound equipped 2-8-2 steam engine (one of only two steam engines left on the Penn Valley) providing assistance up the mountain. On operating nights, a crew of 10 to 12 move 26 trains across the railroad.


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