Dayton Union Railway

Bob Fink - Modeler
The layout was started in 2003 with the construction of a new home in Southwestern Ohio near Waynesville. After finishing the basement and layout room, the construction began.
Many of the structures and all of the bridges and rolling stock were provided from a previous layout. (Click here to see the DD&W) Steam locomotives were acquired for the four railroads to achieve the 1939 era. A set of first generation diesels is also available to run a “1959” era session on special occasions.
The HO version of the Dayton Union Railway is set in 1939. It features a scale replica of the station with the same track arrangement of the prototype but foreshortened to fit the room. The four railroads (New York Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Erie and Pennsylvania) are simulated as a double track, folded dogbone that allows us to run the same trains that came through Dayton in 1939 with all steam power.
Freight yard facilities are only modeled for the NYC’s Findlay Street yards and the Erie Monument St. terminal. There are towns and sidings along the mainlines that represent some of the various areas for each road around Dayton.  
A traction line representing the Dayton and Troy and the Dayton and Western runs through the city at street level as it did with a freight house in the downtown location where it still exists. A city trolley line is provided with “loop” running various city trolleys and interurbans that passed through the city.


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