Mountain Central

Richard Davoust - Modeler
The railroad is a scale representation of the 3' Mountain Central Railroad and its interchange with the L&N (L&E) that existed in Eastern Kentucky until 1928. The Mountain Central began as a lumber railroad and ran only geared locomotives, primarily Climaxes, due to the steep grades. The line converted to a common carrier in 1906 and extended to the county seat of Campton, KY in 1907. The model railroad represents the railroad as it might have existed if it had lasted 'til the late 30's. Included are the interchange, complete with dual-gauge track work, and the first several miles of the line up the 5% branch, the first two towns allowing some modelers license for distance, and the narrow gauge terminus at Campton. The room is prepared with a diorama ceiling (no corners). The backdrop and sky are complete and trains operate through 90% complete scenery. The layout is built around the walls of a 9' x 18' room with a small peninsula; height begins at 44" and rises to 54". Three operators can be accommodated; one for the standard gauge loop and yards and two for the point to point narrow gauge.


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