Detailing & Maintenance

City Classics Corner Braces
Corner Braces reinforce building corners and keep them square during construction.
This new set of injection molded braces includes 12 Inside Corner Braces and 4 Outside Corner Braces per pack. These can also be used to support floors and roofs!
Price: $5.50 each. New lower price.

City Classics Concrete Wall
Modular Concrete Retaining Walls - 2 each
Injection molded concrete style retaining walls! Each wall comes with a separate end pilaster. This feature allows you to easily butt wall sections together without any cutting! This gives you one continuous wall with no unsightly joints to hide. If you need to cut the walls to fit your particular situation, you'll find the styrene much easier to work with than cast plaster or resin wall sections!
Each section is approximately 8 1/2" long If both are used side by side the total length is approximately 16 1/2" long
Price: $7.50 each. New lower price.