Brian Petroziello

Dupps Industries


In Germantown Ohio, Dupps Industries manufactures commercial rendering equipment. The massive machines are too large to travel any way but by rail. When Conrail decided to abandon Dupps' connection to the rest of the US rail system, Dupps acquired the five miles of track from its plant in Germantown to the connection, now with CSX, in Carlisle, Ohio. It began operating on July 14, 1982 as a company owned railroad. Originally the railroad ran with a 1939 Plymouth diesel, but was replaced in 1997 by a GE product.
The owners of Dupps have been gracious enough to have opened their interesting operation to a couple of Div. 3, MCR, NMRA events, most recently for our annual Father's Day meeting. The pictures that follow resulted from that session. All photos © Brian Petroziello.


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